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To see myself with your eyes

Donator: Ecumenical Women’s Initiative - EWI

Dates of the project: 01.12.2016 – 01.08.2017

The project aims to contribute to the greater involvement of young women in decision making processes at the local level, through increasing the public sensitivity of the local communities on gender issues, and raising the awareness for the specific women’s human rights. This will be achieved through the education of young students from secondary schools which would directly work in order to achieve these goals, so they will become "community informers" for gender rights, facilitators and moderators for gender sensitive initiatives. They will be trained with the "Peer Learning Pals" method and "Community reporting", with which they can place the documents - reports on gender issues in public.

TV News report - Kanal VIzija 14.06.2017

Project videos:

Performance bus

Initial video - short movie

Training and an event for Awarding diplomas 13.06.2017



MRT 1 - News Report youngsters

A call for participation - Leaflets


Training: 25.04.2017



Training: 24.03.2017 – 26.03.2017








Training: 11.04.2017

Community reporting:

Video - survey


Presentation of the project:

10to10 - ACTAC implements the project "To see myself with your eyes" - 07.01.2017