Adversaria coruptiae (Notebooks about Corruption)


Donor of the project: FOSIM

Date of the project start/end: 01.10.2003- 15.03.2004

Aims of the project – Expanding the frontier, methods and actors for fighting the corruption. Enhancing awareness for the everywhere present corruption and its diapason of appearance.

Aimed group- NGOs, decision-makers, intellectual class, politicians and other engaged into governmental anticorruption campaigns.

Activities – Creation and printing of the book Adversaria Coruptiae; Preparation of propaganda and senzibilizative material, Preparation of promo contents, Preparation, promotion and moderation of the web page, Creation and media interest,  Media activities about popularization and book promotion, campaigns for raising the interest about, The book promotion, Distribution of the book, Fit back measuring

The project results – Demystified appearances of corruption, shown diapason of corruption cases and corruption in mass stigmatised: actors, corruption supporters, laughter on the silence and the fear of making public the corruption cases. Placing the new channels for citizenship motivating in fighting the corruption.
Another actualisation of the questions about corruption.
Promoting citizen’s style: “We know what you are doing”.

Partner in implementation – Forum of Albanian Woman – Tetovo, Youth cultural Association – Prilep

The project documentation – Books on Macedonian language and on Albanian language: Adversaria coruptiae, version on English language, printed new Macedonian currency, recourse map for “directed“, greetings and stickers.

Printed media: Daily Newspapers : Nova Makedonija, Promotion “Notebooks about corruption”, Witty stamp of the corrupted everyday, ” (No. 20.132; pg.3), 10.03.2004; Vest, Promotion “Notebooks about corruption” (No.1105; pg.2),10.03.2004; Makedonija denes, Promotion “Notebooks about democracy” ACTAC in fight against corruption  (No.1545; pg.5),10.03.2004.

Media visibility: TV- A1: Mornining broadcast “Horizont” – in live A. Cvetkoski, 09.03.2004; /MTV: TV reprt in the News about the book promotion (16.00h), 09.03.2004; /TV Telma: Central News (17.00h)  Book promotion, 09.03.2004; /Kanal 5: TV reprt in the Central News (17.00 h ), 09.03.2004; /TV Era: Book promotion, 09.03.2004