All are the same, are they?


Donor of the project: FOSIM

Date of the project start/end: 15.08.2002 – 30.09.2002

Aims of the project

Enhancing the motive for voting. Decreasing the influence of motiveless campaigns: “the foreigners decides for us” and “All are the same”) throughout de-sensibility campaigns.

Aimed group

The citizenship of Prilep, political parties and CH of political parties.


Poster campaign (4 posters), leaflet campaign (2 leaflets), TV spot, tribune “Burse of voters”, TV tribune “Democracy and democracy”, survey activities (2 surveys), web site

The project results

De-sensibilization of the population from two campaigns for de-motivation the voters. Sensibilization for voting and the right to thoughtful and free choice. Introduction to the electoral offers of candidates and the voting process.


Representatives of political parties: Zvonko Mirceski, Tale Geramitcioski, Straso Angeloski, Vladimir Gjorcev, Zoran Vitanov, Robert Alagjozovski, Dimce Nastoski, Hristo Haleski, Zarko Karadzoski, Slave Naumoski, Gjorgjija Atanasoski, Ilija Kareski, Kole Garbeski

The project documentation

Posters, leaflets, TV spot, Video recordings from TV shows; All the necessary information can be found on:

Printed media: Naroden glas” , Article: Tribune titled “Stock Market”?, 30.08.2002

Media visibility: TV CPRTV Prilep: TV tribune “Stock market of the voters” – in live, 29.08.2002; TV report of the tribune “Stock market of the voters”, 26.08.2002; TV spot: “Caught during the voting”, 01-13.09,2002 /TV Markoni – Prilep” TV report of the tribune 26.08.2002/ TV Strumica: TV Spot “All are the same, aren’t they?” 01.09.2002