Gender sensitive agenda through Open TV

Donor: EWIDuration of the project: 01.02.2019 – 01.05.2020Implementation: ACTACProject geographical area: Pelagonia Planning Region (ERP), municipalities: Prilep, Bitola, Dolneni, Krivogashtani, Krusevo, Novaci, Mogila, Demir Hisar, Resen and OTV Network. The project will develop a discussion process for public instrumentalization of standardized superstitions for women, religion, ethnicity and minority status, as well as media dissemination of […]

Трчање на Мон Блан: 171 километар во должина, 10 километри висинска разлика

Мери Мирческа е наш женски планински тркач. Мотивот за неа е огромната љубов кон природата и кон планините. На повидок е најголемиот предизвик досега, учество на најпрестижната светска трка во Франција, Шамони на Мон Блан. Оваа трка е на Алпите во трите држави Франција, Италија и Швајцарија, а рутата на Мери е долга 171 километар, […]

Every home its own wallet

Donor of the project: FOSIM Date of the project start/end: 01.03.2002- 10.06.2002 Aims of the projects Support to the Local Self-Government Act (LSGA), decreasing the instrument potential of the LSGA from political manipulation. Aimed group Citizenship of Macedonia. Especially: Municipality Mayors, expert institutions and the political parties. Activities Workshop in Prilep: “Professionals about LSGA”; Workshop in Skopje: […]

Sensibilization in the institutions for women and children rights

Donor of the project: UNDP – Assisting community together Date of the project start/end: 19.02.2000 – 01.05.2000 Aims of the project Contribution to improving the institutions practices toward women and children throughout Forming network for detection, help, directing and professional help to women and children – victims of family violence and other kinds of mal treatment and […]

School for Democracy – Career FOSIFM

FOSIM Date of the project start/end: 01.02.2003 – 30.01.2004 Aims of the project Enhancing democracy level of the citizens and non- governmental organization by education Aimed group NGOs, teachers that teach the subject “Civil Society” and the wider public. The project results Educated three kinds of teams for spreading the training. Expanding the education, prepared “notebooks […]

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