Opposite interethnic role play


Donor –  EWI
Date of the project start/end December 2014– June 2015

Aims of the project – The project aims to improve the reliability of the ethnic communities in the municipality of Dolneni , by building the capacity of non-governmental organizations and municipal institutions to prevent inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts. This will be achieved by the simultaneous training of local associations and employees in the municipal institutions for conflict prevention, through a coalition of associations for cooperation, coexistence and development, which will enter into a municipal commission for relations between communities through public campaign to build credibility and trust of the Coalition of NGOs.

Aimed groups – Non-governmental organizations  of Dolneni and municipal institutions
The project results- Enhanced capacity of NGO – s In the Municipality to assist the municipality in exploiting similarities offered IPA – so, but other funds, and it only becomes important: development, progress and improvement of the work of LS.
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