Picnic in the town yard


Donor of the project: REC

Date of the project start/end: 01.10.2002 – 27.08.2003

Aims of the project

Contribution to the sustainable solution of problems with the town picnic places pollution. Placing the methodology of sustainability throughout eco – business projects based on concessions and managing the town picnic places.

Aimed group

LSG, PCC and other local institutions that have land in the areas of town picnic places, tourist agencies, business people, NGOs that have ecological mission, planners of local economy development and science – business institutions.

The project results

Made promotion of the method for eco – business, sustainability through cross-sector problems resolving, participative and strategy planning. The bodies are formed for that purpose, which reflect the ecological interests, common town interests and the interests of business and other groups (Boards). The participation of LSG, PCC, business firms and agencies, Province Ministries about this purpose is achieved.

The project documentation

Book for eco – business; Posters and leaflets. All necessary information can be found on: www.ekogim.org.mk

Media visibility: TV Kavadarci: One hour program, 01.04.2003; Detail report 15.02.2003; TV Negotino : One hour program 05.04.2003; TV Prilep CPRTV : One hour program 25.03.2003; Detail report, 16.03.2003; 18.11.2002; TV Tera –Bitola: Detail report, 02.05.2003