School for Democracy – Career FOSIFM



Date of the project start/end: 01.02.2003 – 30.01.2004

Aims of the project

Enhancing democracy level of the citizens and non- governmental organization by education

Aimed group

NGOs, teachers that teach the subject “Civil Society” and the wider public.

The project results

Educated three kinds of teams for spreading the training. Expanding the education, prepared “notebooks for Democracy” in user-friendly version and printed the biggest edition ever in Macedonia (72.000 sets with 10 notebooks inside).

Partner in implementation

Career: FOSIM; Large number of NGOs from Macedonia;

Role of ACTAC: Preparation of the Notebooks for Democracy – textual part.

The project documentation

All necessary information can be found on: Video materials, photo materials, billboards, The Notebooks for Democracy are printed on several languages…