The inspector rings as much as he wants


Donator: National Endowment for Democracy & Balkan Trust for Democracy

Dates of Project: July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012


Laws are the laws, businessmen massive agonies


The business does not have to mean crime


Inspector or maiden for marriage


The Association for Citizen Tolerance and Cooperation (ACTAC) with support of National Endowment for Democracy  & Balkan Trust for Democracy will use its means to promote civic participation in fostering the transparency and accountability of Macedonia’s state inspection services.

ACTAC has identified a number of specific challenges posed by the current legal framework governing the state inspection services, including the new Law on Inspection Supervision scheduled to enter into force this year. These include a lack of awareness on the part of businesses about the relevant rules and regulations, actual and perceived political bias of the inspectors, uneven application of the law, and a lack of transparency on the part of the government bodies in charge of implementing it.

To better understand the impact of the current inspection services regime on the country’s business environment, ACTAC will conduct interviews with owners of small and medium enterprises and e-mail survey to over 2,500 businesses across the country. The survey will be designed to determine the knowledge of business owners regarding inspection regulations, as well as gather information about their experiences with the inspection services.

Through workshops, publications, and a TV program, ACTAC will educate small and medium business owners, chambers of commerce, and relevant NGOs about the laws governing state inspections, their rights and responsibilities as citizens, and ways to better advocate for a more transparent and equitable application of inspection related legislation and activities.

To assist business owners and chambers of commerce in their advocacy efforts, ACTAC will produce a Guide to Inspection Services for Business Owners with user-friendly information about the rights and responsibilities of both businesses and inspectors, including information on the rules and regulations related to inspection services, consequences for infractions, and mechanisms for appealing inspection decisions.

  • In the period from 15.09.2011 to 14.10.2011 ACTAC has conducted a research (first of this kind in Macedonia) for The influence of the inspection supervision on the business climate (ppp). This research has purpose to point out to the authorities, business sector and the public the condition with the inspection services in the business sector and to seek for improvement from all stakeholders, who need to develop permanent and open dialog for improvement of the business climate, which would enhance domestic and foreign investments.
  • Analisys of the survey

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