Through the heart of Local Self-Government Act (LSGA)


Donor of the project: FOSIM
Date of the project start/end 10.10.2002 – 01.06.2003
Aims of the project
Support to the Republic of Macedonia Government, Community of Local Self-Government Units (CLSGU) and Local Government Reform program (LGRP) about the Law for Municipality financing, help to the Commission for preparing that Law. Promoting the method of public debate before the phase of preparing the first version of the Law.

Aimed group
Macedonian Parliament, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Local Self-government, Mayors and experts in the local self-governments, professional and science public, legislators, NGOs and interested people.

Surveys with the Mayors, parliamentarians, experts, about their view on the possibel directions of the Law about Local self governmant financing, sublimating the results into suitable presentation; Establishing the Editorial Board and organising its work, Brain Storming sessions about visual identfication of the project, Web support of the project, Preparation and printing the propaganda material, Campaign about suppliing participation of political parties representatives, Local self governmant representatives,  e-mail bridge: Agora of political will for process of decentralization in Macedonia; Tribunes in Prilep, Karpos, Zelenikovo, Saraj, Preparation and graphic design of the bulleten, Promotion of Press Conferentions and the bulleten distribution.

Mr. Stevcho Jakimovski – The Mayor of Municipality Karposh, Ph. D. Ilija Todorovski – Institute for Sociological, Political and Jurist Research, Skopje, Miss. Karolina Shukuroska-Advisor to the Mayor of Municipality Prilep for LSG, M.A. Zoran Shapurich – Parliamentarian in the Macedonian Assembly; Mr. Ljupcho Dimov – The Mayor of Municipality Kisela Voda, Mrs. Dushica Perishich – Executive director of CLSGU, Mr. Zoran Vaskovski- director in Direction for public income, Mr. Branimir Gogirov – City office, Skopje, Mr. Imer Selmani – The Mayor of Municipality Saraj, Mr. Ace Koceski –The Mayor of Municipality Veles Ph.D Ilija Todorovski, Institute for sociology political, Miss. Karolina Shukuroska – moderator, Ph. D Tale Geramitchioski – Chairman of the Prilep Municipality Council, Mr. Borche Risteski – member of the Prilep Municipality Council, Mr. Ilija kostoski – Finance director of the Public utilities Company – Prilep, Mr. Slobodan Belichanski – Justice in the Prilep Court, – Mr. Sasho Pirganoski – the Mayor of Municipality Prilep

The project results
The process for shaping the Law for municipality financing is supported throughout science deeds, experiences, Mayors’ reviews, LSG employees, professionals opinions, competent and professional NGOs, many questions about this Law were opened, the recommendations were given, opinions and directions for the shape of this Law, too.

Partner in implementation
Mayors of Municipalities: Kisela Voda, Saraj and Prilep, Forum of Albanian Woman – Tetovo, Youth Council – Prilep, Commission for political and legal system to the Macedonian Parliament, Institute for Sociology, legal and Political Research.

Media Presentation
Printed media: Daily newspaper: Utrinski Vesnik, “Opstina Saraj ke se izjasni za finansiranjeto”; Dnevnik, Announcement of the activities- Saraj is reporting about it the financials, 22.04.2003
TV media:
MTV: Broadcast “Utrinska programa” interview in live, 17.04.2003; TV report Workshop “Fiscal decentralizacija”, 21.04.2003; Interview and report from the event Book promotion, 30.06.2003 /TV A1: Report, 21.04.2003/ TV CPRTV Prilep: Report of the Workshop: “Experts about the LSGA”, 08.04.2003;

The project documentation
Publication: Fiscal decentralization in Macedonia, ACTAC 2003