Demystifying the interethnic conflicts


Donator: U.S. EMBASSY in Macedonia
Dates for Project implementation: August 2016 – September 2017

The project aims to decrease the tensions and conflicts between ethnic communities in Macedonia and their substantial relaxation – through placing of social NGO and public methodologies for demystification of the interethnic conflicts as politically constructed and not as a “natural state” between communities.

Initial project performance – Framework bus

ACTAC & Zevzekmania – Small big countries

ACTAC & Zevzekmanija – Bus fights

Makedonsko Radio – Evaluation of the project “Demystifying the interethnic conflicts” by the project coordinator Filip Grizhoski and Zenith’s coordinator Dusko Todoroski 03.05.2017

TV Shenja – Final TV press conference led by two opinion leaders Aleksandar Cvetkoski and Sefer Tahiri 29.09.2017

TV Alsat M – Evaluation of the project: Guests Filip Grizhoski (Project coordinator) and Muhamedali Ibrahimi (Coordinator from Multietnikum) 25.09.2017

Event for rewards giving to the best video performances – “Are you a traitor if you have a friend from “the others”?”



News report Kanal Vizija – 14.06.2017

Final video-performances

ACTAC – Do not fall on the political manipulation

ACTAC – Respect the differences

ACTAC – Everything is not as it seems

ACTAC – Survey results Part 1

ACTAC – Survey results Part 2

ADI – Limitless games

ADI – True friendship

Zenith – Call south 

Zenith – Inter ethnic meal

Multietnikum – Political Manipulation of Students

Multietnikum – Fake patriotism

Multietnikum – The most profitable professions 

YCC – Political WC

YCC – Why not an Albanian?

YCC – Tavern Macedonia

IHR – Intro

IHR – Balance

IHR – Friendship does not know boundаries

Training in High school Rilindja – Dolneni, ACTAC & Multietnikum – 10.05.2017




A training for “Decreasing the interethnic conflicts through education for shooting video performances, technical training and training for Community reporting” which was held in hotel Sonce GA – Prilep, from March 24th to 26th, 2017  

Project presentation on the TV show „Afternoon with TV Alsat M“ – guest Aleksandar Cvetkoski

Press conference with “shock performance” – “Pajama party” – American corner – Skopje, 16.02.2017

As an announcement of the project “Demystifying the interethnic conflicts” implemented by ACTAC and its partner organizations CDI, Zenith, ADI, YCC and Multietnikum, at the American Corner – Skopje on 16.02.2017 was held an event – “Press Conference & shock performance” . The event began with a comic performance “Pajama Party”, where young people from secondary school simulated “A pillow fight” and continued with the press conference on which have addressed Besa Arifi – professor at Southeast University in Tetovo, Violeta Petroska Beshka – Professor at the Institute of Psychology, in moderation of Alexander Cvetkoski – president of ACTAC. The press ended with “Exhibit of pillows” on which were written slogans: “Our nationality is high-school students”, “We are all the same” and similar sensitive inter-ethnic content.
Pictures from the event:


The project “Demystifying the interethnic conflicts” revived on Facebook also via the page “Young but not stupid”, on which the partner organizations and youth participants in the project will be able to upload project materials, pictures, video performance and other creative content in the context of the project idea.

Link from the Facebook page: Young but not stupid

Media appearences:

Radio Holiday – Broadcasting the project activity “Event for awarding the best video performance awards” on the “Local info” program – 12.09.2017

10bez10 – – 12.09.2017

10bez10 – – 10.09.2017

Kalimero – – 28.03.2017

24news – – 27.03.2017

Lokalno – – 27.03.2017

Plusinfo – – 27.03.2017

10bez10 – – 27.03.2017

TV Alsat M – Presenting the project idea by Aleksandar Cvetkoski – 06.03.2017

Koha –

TV Sitel –

Tetovasot –

TV Alsat M –

TV Alsat M – TV article –

TV Alsat M –инцидентите-меѓу-средношколците-се-п/

TV Telma (TV article attached)-

Voice of America –

MIA – –

ТV Kanal Vizija – TV show Civil questionnaire – Announcement of the project “Demystifying the interethnic conflicts” – 03.10.2016