Every home its own wallet


Donor of the project: FOSIM

Date of the project start/end: 01.03.2002- 10.06.2002

Aims of the projects

Support to the Local Self-Government Act (LSGA), decreasing the instrument potential of the LSGA from political manipulation.

Aimed group

Citizenship of Macedonia. Especially: Municipality Mayors, expert institutions and the political parties.


Workshop in Prilep: “Professionals about LSGA”; Workshop in Skopje: “Exactly on noon for LSGA”; Workshop in Skopje: “Fiscal decentralization in Macedonia”; Survey activities; TV Brain Storming tribune “in live”: “Every home its own wallet”; TV Open Space tribune “in live”: “Say that in the circle”; Measuring of the feedback;


D-r Saso Pirganoski-Mayor of Prilep municipality, Ph.D. Tale Geramitcioski – President of the Council of Prilep municipality, Karolina Sukuroska – expert for questions about LSG, M.A. Zoran Sapuric – LDP, Vlatko Gjorcev – VMRO–DPMNE, Zvonko Mirceski – Vice President of Assembly of R.M.–VMRO Makedonska, Zoran Vitanov – SPM, Vlado Dimovski – LD, Murtezan Ismaili – Mayor of Tetovo municipality, Imer Selmani – Mayor of Saraj municipality, Panco Minov – Mayor of Kavadarci municipality, Ace Kocevski – Mayor of Veles municipality, Ph.D. Ilija Todorovski,  Ph.D. Snezana Milosevska Kostadinova, Stevco Jakimovski – Mayor of Karpos municipality, Ljupco Dimov –  Mayor of Kisela Voda municipality, Ljupco Kuzmanovski – Mayor of Zelenikovo municipality, Nikola Velkovski – main architect of the City of Skopje, Goran Mihajlov – Secretary of the City Council of Skopje, Goran Popovski – President of the Council of Karpos municipality, Slavko Mitovski – President of the Council of Kisela Voda municipality, Branka Stanoevska – President of committee for urbanism ecology and communal arrangement of the City of Skopje

The project results

Introducing the citizenship and other (more determined) aimed groups to the subsidiary principles, decreasing the instrumental potential (politicking and fear of the state federalization) of the Local Self-Government Act, explaining the meaning of the Act, Promotion the two methods of citizen’s respond into TV variant (TV Sitel – live shows) TV brainstorming and TV open space.

The project documentation

All the necessary information are available on the Web Site: www.postscriptum.com.mk; Video materials,, audio recordings of the public meetings

Printed media: Journals:  Makedonija denes, Tribune about fiscal decentralization of the municipalities,  16.05.2002; Daily newspaper: Utrinski vesnik, Project presentation “Every home its own wallet“, 15.05.2002.

Media visibility: TV Sitel: In live TV “Brain Storming”, 18.04.2002; In live TV “Open space tribune” – “Say it in the circle”,23.04.2002; /TV CPRTV Prilep: TV report of the tribune, 08.04.2002