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Project “Partnership between civil society and business sector – developing an innovative model for mobilizing financial resources”

Donator: European Commission

Project goals are developing an innovative model for collaboration of civil society with the business sector, through building capacity in civil society organizations (CSOs), to give services to the business sector which would improve financial sustainability in society organizations (CSOs).

Stages of project activities with strategic goals:

  • Promotion of certificate “Fair with the Consumer” in front of companies and consumers in the local environment.
  • Analysis on the local market for certificate identifying interested companies.
  • Verification of the fulfillment on the certification criteria on the interested companies and support to make necessary changes in their operations.

Long-term impacts

For civil organizations

  • better relations with the business community;
  • increased diversity of the funding resources;
  • increased influences on the protection of consumers and the environment.

For business community

  • recognition of fair attitude to consumers and the environment;
  • reduced costs for fines and court costs by disputes with consumers;
  • better understood of the consumers needs.