Coordinates of culture


Donator:  Ministry of culture

Dates for Project implementation:  April 2018 – November  2018

Developing a new cultural space for scouting organizations based on cultural, cultural – ambient and ecological – aesthetic premises, which will target the mission and activities of these organizations towards intercultural and international exchanges, will increase their mobility and capacity to finance their own activities and work and will direct them towards the utilization of cultural and natural heritage, in various forms of ecological and cultural tourism, as well as their combinations. Thus, the Macedonian scouting organizations would increase the social responsibility of these important youth groups, while at the same time correctly orienting them towards the modernization of their mission, the understanding of the scouting mission, thus the youth energy would be directed towards the development of cultural production and assistance to cultural tourism and cultural industries, as a basis for their self sustainability.

2 „ЕКСПЕДИЦИЈА НОВ ПРОСТОР“  – Амфитеатар, Маркови Кули

1 .„ЕКСПЕДИЦИЈА НОВ ПРОСТОР“ – смешни инсерти Хуморот, извидничкиот ентузијазам од Извиднички одред Феникс – Прилеп / Scout Group Phoenix – Prilep и експертизата од АГТИС – формула за откривање нови културни простори.



Training of creative team – mapping


Training workshop on using IT technology



Workshops for creating a plan for conquering the space Expedition New Space