Recipe for election pie


Donor of the project: FOSIM

Date of the project start/end: 01.06.2002 – 10.08.2002

Aims of the project

Enhancing motive for political advancing of the women (impact on the political parties electoral lists) and education about political and professional advancing of the women.

Aimed group

Women – members of political parties and women with ambitions for career.


Creating web schoolbook and expansion of the model, workshop for experience exchange, learned lessons, forming of “Prilep’s women lobby”. Workshop for web schoolbook explaining, manners of usage (technical) and spreading the schoolbook in form of handouts. Central tribune: “Recipe for election pie”. Survey and sounding activities.


110 women from the public, political and business life

The project results

Enhanced awareness and motive for political advancing of the women, the right for equal places – where the decisions are made, enhancing the motive for professional advancing of the women.Presenting the standard tools and methods (web book, handouts and etc). Introducing the methods of forming working and political portfolio and self-presentation.

The project documentation

All necessary information are available on the Web Site: