The Framework Agreement – with or without it?


Donor of the project: FOSIM
Date of the project start/end: 10.09.2001 – 01.12.2001

Aims of the project
Decreasing the instrument potential of The Framework Agreement for political manipulation with it. Citizenship of the Framework Agreement as a technical act.

Aimed group
Citizenship of Prilep, political parties, journalists and leaders of opinion.

Four tribune, poster, leaflet, letter and e-mail campaign, press conference, preparation of video material for the usage on the national concessionaires

Blagoja Risteski – Platnar, D-r Ljubomir Frckovski, Dragan Pavlovic – Latas, General Todor Atanasovski, Monika Taleska, Aleksandar Cvetkoski

The project results
Decreasing the sensitivity of “national jeopardy” throughout presenting The Framework Agreement as a technical and legal act that is a due to the inconsistence of system and out by our guilt (criminal acting, negative selection, silence, populism…)

Project documentation
Poster: Is the Framework Agreement Macedonian crossroad, photo documentation, video documentation, Reports from TV Sitel and IRTV – Prilep, flyers, publications from the campaign “Peace or War – depend on us” (FOSIM).
Photo galery

Project Press Clipping: TV CPRTV Prilep: Central News Spektar: Report, 10.10.2001; 24.09.2001/ TV Sitel: Report 24.09.2001; Used project Video documentation in the progrmm, 10.09.2003;/ TV A1: Used project Video documentation in the program, 03.10.2003