For the free convincing that the government should not be challenged – 2


Project: For the free convincing that the government should not be challenged – 2

Donator: National Endowment for democracy

Dates of Project: October 2010 – September 2011

For the free convincing that the government should not be challenged – 2” is a extension of the previous similar project.

This project is designed to capitalize and feed the progress in respecting the human rights for freedom of speech and public expression, as well as freedom of public gathering.

The main strategic goal of project-extension is to develop significantly the citizens, political and institutional intolerance toward breaking the basic human and constitutional right to free and public expression as well as right to freedom of assembly and to organize for promotion of that expression. That will be reached through strengthening the capacity, determination and awareness of the NGO’s, the leaders of public opinion, journalists and other public actors.

The emphasis of this project-extension is on social actors who should defend these two specific rights as well as their capacities as defenders.

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