See Yourselves through our eyes


Donor of the project: BTD
Date of the project start/end: 01.12.2008-30.01.2009

Partner in implementation MKC – Bitola

Project Summary

The project foresees formation of School for education of NGOs and for creative monitoring of the ongoing reforms; education of 15 NGOs that will be the future support of the project, organizing Role Play Competitions, which will be broadcasted directly by TV Houses, activities for the sustainability of the manifestation (competition) by signing Agreements with the national concessionaires and the Government of RM in the respect of financing the manifestation and establishing the tradition of regular Yearly Competition in Role Play and Drama Performances “See Yourselves through Our Eyes”

Situation analysis

The capacity of NGOs and other actors within the civic non-governmental life to provide real and on time participation in the governmental reform projects is on a rather low level. It is strengthen by a few NGOs and university projects, which are focused toward assistance and monitoring of the reforms, but also and by the lack of dialogue between the Government, opposition, Parliament, NGOs’ life and universities.

The civic practices i.e. the methodology of this field is rather undeveloped.

Aimed groups

NGOs in Macedonia; Non-governmental life in RM; Members of several NGO networks from Macedonia;

Government and Parliament of RM, Institutions of the system, Public administration, Bodies to the Government and Parliament that are engaged in strategic planning of the reforms and the Sector of Euro-integration of RM; Media houses (national concessionaires); Leaders of opinion, Experts – leaders of opinion;

Professional and expert organizations of stakeholders of certain groups, which situation is an issue of reforms.


Improving the process of reforms through increased civic involvement in it and improved position of the non-political sector – in relation with the political sector;

Enhancing awareness into the aimed groups about our role in the reforms;

Enhancing awareness into the Government and institutions about the improvement of the process of reforms;

Increasing the capacity of NGO life for monitoring and involvement into the reforms;

Processing the achieved “awareness” into a sustainable support of the manifestation “See Yourselves through Our Eyes”.

Expected Results

Improved position of the non-political factors in the reform processes;

Achieved undoubted and efficient VISIBILITY of NGOs that refer to their role and interest about the reform processes in RM;

Established regular national Yearly Role Play Competition “See Yourselves through Our Eyes”;

Future sustainability of the project by traditional manifestation financed by the Government of RM;

Improved public monitoring of the reforms and increased participation of the non-political factors into the processes of reforms;

Implementation of the new civic methods for monitoring and achievement an influence on the governments;

Increased information, demystification and improved public understanding of the important parts of the reforms;

Improved cooperation between political and non-political factors on the issue of reforms;

Improved processes of discussion, the ones that are undertaken by the Government – in connection with the reform acts and plans.

TV broadcasts and reports

TV Kanal Vizia, News,13.08.2008;TV Orbis, News,13.08.2008; TV Tera, News, 13.08.2008

TV Tera, News directly from Actuel. Interview with Aleksandar C. i S. Dodoski . Broadcasting of the performance “Real Estate list at God’s office”, 19.08.2008; MTV, News, 20.08.2009; MTV, Morning program Broadcasting of the performance “Real Estate list at God’s office”, 17.09.2008; TV Sitel, Morning Program, Broadcasting of the performance “Real Estate list at God’s office”, 19.09.2008

Radio broadcast
Кanal 77,, 14.08.2008;

Makedonsko radio, Press report, 13.08.2008; Makedonsko radio, Morning program – directly in the show Aleksandar Cvetkoski, 11.09.2008;

On October 24th 2008 (Friday), a Training for Creative monitoring of the reforms was held in hotel ”Sonce-GA”-Prilep starting at 10:00 AM.
The contents of their own presentations were presented by:
Suzana Nikodijevic Filipovska – General Secretariat – Sector for policy analyses- Skopje – “ Creating policies”
Esma Adilovic – General Secretariat – Section for NGOs cooperation – Skopje  – “Participation of the citizen’s sector in the proces of creating  policies”
Aleksandar Cvetkoski – ACTAC-  Prilep – “Visibility and  understanding of the representing”.

On August 13th 2008 (wednesday), a Press conference for presenting the project was held in the Center for NGO support – Prilep starting at 10.00 AM.
On the press conference were presented the resoults of the Poll: “The involvment of the NGOs in the government reforms” and the initial performance “Real Estate list at God’s office”.