The Take the Leap

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ACTAC in the period 01-09-2019 to 31-08-2021, as a partner organization, will implement the project “The Take the Leap” under the program Erasmus +, K 2 Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training.

Project Reference Number: 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061906

The Strategic Partnership is comprised from:

  • ACTAC, Republic of North Macedonia;
  • Diversity Living Services, United Kingdom;
  • Mobilizing Expertise AB , Sweden;
  • NGO Ritineitis, Latvia;
  • Eprojectconsult – Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Ricerca, Italy.

The main aim of the project is to promote education of socially excluded youth in the field of entrepreneurship.

To achieve the project goal, one of the most important outcomes of the two-year collaboration between project partners will be a set of specially tailored digital educational materials; Informative and practical workshops will be organized to help young people understand the essence of entrepreneurship; Transnational meetings to share experiences and strengthen strategic partnerships; Multiply events for promotion of online training package for social entrepreneurship.

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The first transnational meeting of the partners took place from 03.12.19-05.12.19 in London, United Kingdom.


ACTAC has organized several focus groups for obtaining information and insight on the topic ‘entrepreneurship’ on a local level among segmented groups for the current situation for entrepreneurship barriers andopportunties of Socially Excluded Youth (SEY).

Two focus groups were held with VET students and teachers at the VET school “Riste Risteski – Richko” Prilep, Republic of North Macedonia; and one focus group was held with representatives of NGO sector, youth workers, volunteers and business consultants.

The focus groups’ aim was to obtain relevant information and insight on the current position of the target group about entrepreneurship; to discover the diversities in the thinking, feeling and backgrounds of different groups about entrepreneurship; to obtain suggestions for addressing problems with which socially excluded youth faces; and finally to obtain suggestions for the design and content of the Intelectual Output (IO), an Online Internet Entrepreneurship Package for SEY.

Summary of the focus groups were sent to the partners in the project, and will add to the research and production of the IO.