By the spider-net threaded silk (WWS)


Donor of the project: ECF and Ecumest Association
Date of the project start/end: 15.11.2002 – 01.05.2003
The project is assigned to survey the mood of the central government (Ministry for Culture), Cultural Institutions in Prilep, the political will (political parties which have its representatives into the Parliament) about the changes of the manner of creating the cultural policy and the possibility for changes “from the bottom to up”, throughout introduction of the independent cultural sector (that do not exists as an organized whole) as a new partner in these negotiations. We will do that by: getting a clear picture about the conditions in the culture, capacitate organizational strengthening of the independent cultural sector and through the large influence that ACTAC has over the political subjects in the state. This project has an intention to sound all aspects of the possible problems and needs into the culture as a possible tool into situations changing and to introduce the actors in culture and politics with that.

Aims of the project
Enhancing motivation for organizing the independent cultural creators and a start of social dialogue with the government. Placing the methodologies for Market of cultural outputs, subvention Market of cultural outputs, industries of the culture and method of coordinating with different interests throughout Municipality plans for development

Aimed group
Independent cultural creators, LSG, the Ministry of Culture, established cultural institutions, managers and operators into the culture, successful cultural creators and managers into the culture.

Situation research (by survey), data web base forming, Public meetings, Panel discussions, Output happening, Professional brain storming, TV show, posters and leaflets.

Employees in: the institutions of culture, independent cultural creators, central cultural institutions in Macedonia and Departments of Local Self Government.

The project results
Enhanced awareness for organizing the independent cultural creators (ICC), enhanced awareness for existence of Independent cultural sector, the society care for this sector is shown, ICC needs are determined, Draft versions for ICC priorities are presented, the directions (recommendations) directed to the Ministry of Culture about the future directions for this sector regulating are pointed out. LSG is sensibilized about all of this and the agreement for future cooperation is received.

Partner in implementation
Local Self-Government – Prilep, Institution and Museum – Prilep, the house of Culture “Marko Cepenkov”, CCFA, PCI Institute for Ancient Slav culture and Independent cultural creators.

The project documentation

Brochure: “By the spider-net threaded silk”
Media visibility: TV A1: Broadcast “Horizont”; 07.04.2003; TV Prilep CPRTV: TV report of the Workshop, 27.02.2003